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Turning things purple for epilepsy

4 minutes read • 26 March 2021
Turning things purple for epilepsy

Epilepsy is the fourth most common brain disorder following migraine, stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Currently, in Australia, more than 1 per cent of the population are diagnosed with epilepsy. Today is #PurpleDay which is about raising awareness and providing support to those living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is characterised by the tendency to have spontaneous recurrent seizures.

Below is the snapshot that Epilepsy Action Australia give to the question “what is epilepsy?”.

It is a very common condition that is VERY misunderstood. This is due to people thinking that all people with epilepsy have convulsive seizures, but that is not that cause, there are many types of ways that it can affect people. From changes in behaviour to sensation, awareness and movement, epilepsy can be different for every person who has been diagnosed with it.

Let’s help raise awareness.

Epilepsy: The Facts

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